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Combining the latest technology and our know-how, we will make your business even more successful.

Our offers for your online store
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Online stores with advanced features

Online stores with advanced features

We’ve been developing online stores since 2005, and have over 50,000 project hours under our belt with Magento. Magevalley specialists will always find a professional solution. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your products are or how original your idea is – we will fulfill your wishes. We guarantee top quality development and a pleasant user experience for your clients. Best technical solutions will make sure that your customers will return again to shop in your store.
Magento Updates
Magento Updates
Always one step ahead

Stay updated

With Magento, you can update your online store quickly and seamlessly. All systems are continually being optimized, first by the developers, and then by our specialists. This makes it easier to work with the store, allows you to satisfy user requests for the functionality of the site. We always keep an eye on the latest security patches and Magento updates.
Magento Security
Magento Security
Maximum protection for your Magento store

Safe and secure

Our specialists double-check server settings regularly, so there is no chance that security will be left unnoticed and unpatched. We are always ready to install new patches and protect your store from hacker attacks, including cross-scripting, SQL injection, and database corruption. We monitor the latest Magento security updates and install them as they are released. No need to worry, as your store’s performance won’t be impeded in any way!
Magento & ERP systems
Magento & ERP systems
Connecting Magento to ERP systems

Enhance your Magento

Your online store can function normally and be more or less sufficient for its purposes without added support. That said, if it can be significantly improved, cost effectively, then what do you have to lose by taking advantage of this opportunity? Our specialists will connect your store to the selected ERP system. The systems will exchange data over a bi-directional channel. All vital information, including customer data, stocks, prices, orders, will be updated on both platforms simultaneously. By connecting Amazon and eBay APIs and integrating with social media, your customers can shop using these platforms and mobile apps. Making your store incredibly convenient and more enjoyable to work with!
Magento Extensions
Magento Extensions
Warehouses and receiving goods: organize your business

Automated processes

With the help of extensions for Magento, we can automate many processes related to the products you sell. So, for example, you will automatically receive inventory reports on warehouse stock, volume, new arrivals, sales, etc. If you need extra functionality for your online store, and there are no Magento modules or extensions to do the trick, we will develop them ourselves! We will go an extra mile to convert your ideas into an exceptional experience for your clients.

Magento migration

Transferring data from other systems or older Magento versions can be implemented without any extra hassle. We are happy to help you migrate your data to your new Magento store. We will transfer all logistic and technical information accurately and safely. For example, your old store's product and customer data. Neither you nor your customers even notice the downtime. Complex migrations to Magento are our specialty.

Instructions and training

We will instruct and train you to work with Magento. Detailed instructions for your new store are attached. After completing all the work and configuring Magento, we will transfer the project to you and tell you about the installed software, modules, extensions, etc.

Magento marketplace

Attract new customers by working with the most advanced CMS. Many entrepreneurs have their online stores, but are they taking full advantage of their potential? In most cases, the answer is no, because the platforms' functionality needs to be significantly improved. There is no such problem with Magento because this system has everything you need out of the box. For example, to generate high traffic for a store, it must be connected to all major marketplaces. Whether it's Amazon, E-Bay, or another platform.

Magento optimization

High-quality Magento optimization. If you noticed that your site has become slower, pages are loading longer than usual, and the checkout process takes forever, your store is in trouble. They need to be solved as soon as possible; otherwise, users will turn their backs on you. We will analyze the site, identify performance issues, and suggest solutions.

Magento support

For the most efficient operation of your business. Even if you've been running your Magento store for a long time and appreciate the many benefits of this powerful system, why not entrust your site to professionals to make your work more comfortable?

Performance tuning

If your online store is working fine, but you would like to improve its performance. Our experts will fine-tune Magento's performance so that your customers can shop comfortably.


The benefits of working with Magevalley

The functions and capabilities of the Magento store system are almost endless. Virtually any online store can be tailored to the individual needs of customers and designed for specific requirements.

Keeping the pace with technology

Since the beginning of our career as Magento developers, we are trying to follow the trends and implement the latest technological developments and innovations in our work. Also, we are still happy to share our know-how and ideas with like-minded people.

Innovation leaders

Anyone who wants to run e-commerce successfully must stand out from the competition. We support you with solutions that are always one step ahead.

Effective solutions, reduced costs

Our e-commerce specialists will create a unqiue design for your store taking into account your budget and your requirements. You won't need a huge sum to kick-start your project with us.


Leading e-Commerce platform

Magento is a cut above the rest in the e-commerce industry today. We guarantee that your Magento store won't get lost in the ocean of competitors if you choose us as your partners. We can promise you the best online shopping experience for your customers.

Countless innovations

We are continually evolving and improving the performance of our e-commerce solutions. As the result, your Magento store always stays updated and relevant.

Experts as partners

All our developers are well trained and have many years of experience with Magento. They are well versed in programming online stores and end-to-end e-commerce solutions. Use our know-how for your success!

Mobile Commerce

You can buy anything and anywhere: with your online store and our mobile solutions, you will be able to satisfy all your customers.
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Magento-based solutions for small, medium and large businesses

Regardless of whether you are using Magento Community Edition for your small store with reasonable requests or have built a complex website based on Magento Enterprise Edition - our specialists will help you with setting up infrastructure and hosting.
Modern Magento Designs
Modern Magento Designs

Professional Magento design

It is not necessary to be content with standard templates, because our designers will develop new, unique layouts for you that will suit your product range and please your customers. You can order a custom Magento design right now; we will create it according to your style requirements. Magento design by Magevalley – modern and affordable!
Magento Modules and Plugins
Magento Modules and Plugins

Expand your Magento

There are many useful Magento modules and plugins that add new features. We will create any functionality from scratch. You will get a genuinely unique Magento solution. We have a special offer for start-up companies with a small budget – Magevalley Basic – a package of services in installments for 36 months.
Magento apps: unique and native
Magento apps: unique and native

Magento apps

Responsive design is the key to your audience. We are not going to emphasize its importance here. Instead, we will talk about our ready-made solutions, including unique applications for Magento. The API between your Magento server and iOS and Android apps will give you the best of both worlds. We recommend Magento App Connector as:

  • Drag-and-drop shopping app
  • App with function for reading e-books
  • Bistro app for catering delivery service
  • Ticket app for independent ticket sellers

Magento App Connector can be used everywhere. Some of our clients have already seen this and recommend it to others. Try it yourself.

We offer complete solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are optimally tailored for your business taking into account the target audience. We support you in expanding your business and help you achieve success.