Magento and ERP systems

Connecting Magento projects to Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor, Sage, IFS, QAD, and other ERP systems of your choice. On Linux, UNIX or Windows.

Magento and ERP systems

Connecting Magento 2 with ERP and DBMS

Connecting ERP systems with a Magento online store serves two main purposes - to analyze data and control processes. In order to achieve better control, the site can be adjusted to upload data to the corporate DBMS.
Magento + ERP systems =<br> Control
Magento + ERP systems =

Take full control of your site's metrics. Using the connection with the ERP system, the site will transmit data on the status of goods in the warehouse, customer actions, price analytics, and order fulfillment status without operators and intermediaries. Less employee intervention means less room for errors due to the human factor.

Services for connecting Magento 2 to ERP systems
Services for connecting Magento 2 to ERP systems

  • Connecting ERP Systems, like Oracle, Eagle or Sage with Magento 2 Project
  • Bringing Magento and your DBMS together
  • Connecting Magento with corporate Linux Distributive
  • Automatize work with documentation and metrics for Magento 2 Project

Setting up infrastructure for Magento
Setting up infrastructure for Magento

  • Magento 2 Multichannel Sales of any amount.
  • Automation of shipments and warehousing
  • Acceleration of packaging, develiery and reports
  • Additions of payment systems Visa, PayPal, payments automation
  • Connecting website to "FeD-Ex", "DHL", local and global shipment companies API.

We unite ERP and Magento 2

Having metrics in a single place is convenient. Accurate sales prediction is a must-have. When the code independently packs data into reports – it is efficient. ERP systems can be connected to any Magento project, and then all information will be organized in one source.
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