Magento development services

Frontend and backend Magento development, mobile applications for Magento websites, implementation of PWA and AR-solutions.

Magento development services

Setting up Magento projects

Development, design, promotion, and integration are for us, and the profit is for you.
Making profitable Magento websites
Sales on Magento - automated

Less operational hassle, more sales

Making aconvenient and profitable Magento websites

We can simplify all operational routines on your website, so that your employees will be spending time only on important tasks:

  • Automatic request processing and delivery status control
  • We will adjust connection between the site and external DBMS like MySQL, Microsoft SQL or Oracle
  • We will set up a site-warehouse connection, goods accounting systems and automate shipping procedures
  • We will implement software that will independently fill in and upload reports
  • API for payment systems: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and others.
  • We will connect Magento with ERP systems, like Oracle, 1C, OneBox or "Parus-Enterprise"

How we automate Magento sales

Captivating Convinience

For customers to purchase and return, the site must be user-friendly. Here's what we will do to make the job of your sales team easier:

  • Magento adaptation for smartphones
  • Developing convenient UI for navigation
  • Set up remarketing by mail and push notifications
  • Promote Magento trough Organic SEO Requests
  • Adjusting analytical modules for tracking

IT as it should be

Simple, reliable, profitable - developing solutions for your needs and problems.

Fixed budget

We work with small and big project budgets alike. You can be sure that after we come to an agreement, the price of the development won't change.

Magento migration

We will help you with to migrate on Magento from other platforms or upgrade your old Magento store. All information and SEO settings will be transferred as well.

Magento security

We will set up protection against DDOS, phishing, and hacker attacks. We will implement security mechanisms to prevent data theft.

Magento mobile

For Magento to work on every smartphone, we'll develop a web-like app, that doesn't need to be maintained on its own.

Babysitting Magento

Taking care of Magento Project: setting up hosting, servers, carry out bugfixes, front & backend maintenance, backups.

Magento sloud solutions

To deliver 24/7 uptime for the project on every device, we set up the cloud hosting. We use platforms like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

One contractor instead of seven

Our team consists of 75 experts from various disciplines and includes experienced marketers, designers, developers, project managers, and testers. We have the expertise in a design rendering, layout, promotion, and development for iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows 10.

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Examples of our work

Here we've gathered some of our projects for you to see what we're capable of.

PWA for Magento

To make your services available everywhere across the planet, we can develop a PWA service. The advantages of PWA are stable work even with 2G communication in any locality with a cell tower.
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Magento Shops

Scalability in every direction
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Why us?

There are many good reasons to partner with Magevalley. For example, our proactive, problem-solving way of working. Or our potential: with our team of 75 experts we can offer you the implementation of projects of any complexity. We always work for a perfect result - this is our strength!

Certified Specialists

Cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and participate in leading Europe conferences.
Our employers have certificates:

  • ZCE;
  • JavaScript, DOM;
  • Android developers E-legion & Google;
  • QATestlab;
  • Software Testing on the platform “Prometheus”;
  • Object-oriented programming
  • AIS “E-services. Education”;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
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To address the target group, we attach great importance to a user-oriented design process and a custom-fit UI / UX design.

  • Development of information architectures
  • Create personas
  • Deriving use cases
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing
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Safety comes first at Magevalley. We carry out extensive tests in every project phase, make the necessary adjustments and thus guarantee optimal and, above all, safe functionality.

  • Implementation and monitoring of the latest security standards and tests
  • Automated data backup
  • Installation of the latest versions and updates
  • BSI & amp; SLA
  • Insurance against damage caused by cyber crime
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E-commerce solutions, optimally tailored to your business and your customers: We support you in expanding your business and increasing your success. To do this, we use our know-how, our experience – and the most modern technologies.

  • Automatic Bin Packing
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Process automation
  • Self-healing
  • Discovery & amp; Load balancing
  • Automated Rollouts & amp; Rollbacks
  • Batch Execution
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For the smooth functioning of your shop, we are at your service around the clock, take on various monitoring tasks and carry out function and load tests. So you have the certainty that you can always rely on a reliable, strong performance of your shop.

  • Support in every project phase based on modern methods and SLAs
  • Quick help if a problem occurs (phone, WhatsApp, Skype)
  • Monitoring and automated function tests
  • Optimized performance
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Certified competence

In research and development we cooperate with the Technical University of Munich, attend important specialist conferences all over Europe and have acquired many important certificates, including:

  • ZCE
  • JavaScript, DOM
  • Android Developers e-Legion & Google
  • QATestlab
  • Software Testing on „Prometheus”
  • Object oriented programing
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
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